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For the September 5, 2014, Webinar by Dr. Eric J. Green on Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Adults: Toward Self-healing and Renewal, sign up today! The link to the test for certification from NASW. For APT certification, which does not require taking or passing the test, contact elomke@americanmentalhealthfoundation.org . (Dr. Green’s latest book […]

A chilling interview mixes social concerns with the psychological.

Understanding Adam Lanza and the Newtown-Sandy Hook Mass Killings

A year-and-a-half following the horrible killings at the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, elementary school, we Americans are still searching our souls, trying to understand how this tragedy could happen, why it did, what might have been the warning signs before young Adam Lanza snapped. Journalist Andrew Solomon met with Adam’s father, Peter Lanza, over six gut-wrenching […]

What happens with conditions of the brain and development that are new to science

Having an Impact via Social Media

I do not typically “get personal” in posting News Items and Blogs on the AMHF Web site. This one is an exception. I was inspired by a July 21, 2014, article in The New Yorker from reporter Seth Mnookin entitled “One of a Kind”. Several letters to the editor, appearing in the August 11 & […]

The New York Times covers issues of the brain that AMHF probes every day.

The New York Times and News Regarding the Brain on Any Given Day

One of the world’s largest publishing houses was named by co-founder Bennett Cerf Random House. The name describes the true nature of trade-book publishing. (In fact, one publisher goes one better, calling itself Serendipity Press.) It is an interesting word: Random. Many of a philosophic or theological disposition believe nothing in life occurs randomly: that […]

Dr. Henry Kellerman publishes his 30th book with AMHF

Anatomy of Delusion by Dr. Henry Kellerman to Be Published by American Mental Health Foundation Books

March 24, 2015, is the official publication date of Anatomy of Delusion by Dr. Henry Kellerman. Advance copies will be available later this year. This groundbreaking book may be pre-ordered by clicking on the above link. Dr. Kellerman has published thirty books. He is on the professional advisory board of AMHF. This new work will […]

AMHF Books will be on display September 21

AMHF at the Brooklyn Book Festival

The publishing program of The American Mental Health Foundation will be well represented at the Brooklyn Book Festival, Booth 207, on Sunday, September 21, 2014. Meet us and help advance mental health!

AMHF: Advancing Mental Health for 90 Years

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The Webinars by Dr. Eric J. Green, September 5, 2014, and November 6, 2014, are at the following times: September 5 12:00 p.m. EDT to 2:00 p.m. EDT November 6 3:00 p.m. EST to 5:00 p.m. EST Sign up here!