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New York Times: Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her Own Fight

Previously we have written about Marsha Linehan, clinical psychologist who developed dialectical behavioral therapy, and who has worked throughout her career with persons who display severe suicidal behaviors or symptoms of what is called borderline personality disorder. On June 23, 2011, the New York Times presented an intriguing story, Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her […]


Six Tips to Help Summer Depression

Therese Borchard, associate editor of Psych Central, offers everyone 6 Tips to Help Summer Depression. She notes 5 causes of summer depression, as suggested by Dr. Ian Cook of the Depression Research Project at UCLA. The following 5 factors may contribute to summertime depression: disrupted summer schedules, body image issues (i.e., fitting into that swimsuit), […]


Mental-health Court Opens in New York City

From New York Able Newspaper May 2011: Manhattan’s first Mental Health Court, which recently opened at 100 Centre Street, is dedicated to keeping defendants with mental illness from engaging in further criminal behavior. This special court will handle nonviolent cases of defendants with serious and continuing mental illness. It is part of the New York […]


Catherine Zeta-Jones: One of Six Million Americans Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta Jones, the glamorous wife of actor Michael Douglas, suffers the painful effects of bipolar disorder. As this ABC News article and video explains, bipolar disorder, a cause also closely associated with actress and advocate Glenn Close (whose sister is diagnosed with bipolar disorder), can be brought on during any stage of life, usually […]

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