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Suicide Prevention International and AMHF

I had the distinct honor to receive an invitation to the Fall Harvest Festival presented by Suicide Prevention International. Suicide is now recognized by the World Health Organization and the United States government as a global health problem. Suicide Prevention International has developed four distinctive projects: – Youth Suicide Prevention – Recognition of an Individual […]


Archbishop of New York Endorses Stefan de Schill Award

The presentation of the Stefan de Schill Award was noted by Reverend Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of NY.


AMHF and Stefan de Schill Award in Caribbean News

Caribbean News


Fort Hood and the Violent Person

The tragic violence at Fort Hood first kept a nation in suspense, then brought the nation to high levels of powerful emotions, and now has our country looking back to find answers. Why did this happen? What were telltale signs that might have been missed? Can we learn something from this mass shooting to prevent […]


Reflections on foundations and forgotten children

As Evander Lomke mentions on this blog and in the accompanying video, AMHF gave the first Stefan de Schill Award to Astor Services for Children last week. The generosity of the Gould Foundation meant that this presentation could occur in the financial district of New York City. Interestingly, the New York Stock Exchange stood solidly […]


AMHF Award Ceremony

On October 21, 2009, AMHF awarded Astor Services the first Stefan de Schill Award. This is a $5,000 grant plus the framed citation pictured on our homepage. The ceremony was hosted by Dr Sapna Parikh, medical reporter at Fox News. Overall, some 35 people, representing AMHF and Astor Services, were in attendance. Jazz saxophonist Tony […]


Celebrating World Mental Health Day

Tomorrow, October 10, 2009, is World Mental Health Day! world mental health day


Astor Services Receives First Stefan de Schill Memorial Award from AMHF

For further information please contact: Sonia Barnes-Moorhead The Astor Home for Children Foundation (845) 871-1117 Astor Services for Children & Families Receives the first American Mental Health Foundation’s Stefan de Schill Award FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rhinebeck, N.Y. (October 8, 2009) — Astor Services for Children & Families is the first recipient of the Stefan […]


American Psychological Association (AAP) Convention 2009

I am recently back from attending the annual American Psychological Association, the major organization of practicing and research psychologists in North America. With 150,000 members, the venerable APA convened for the 117th time in Toronto. Over 10,000 members, representing major universities and clinical programs, attended, as well as many psychologists who are in private practice. […]

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