World Mental Health Day: October 10—Psychological First Aid

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At one time or another, in every life, there is the need for "psychological first aid."

The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10, 2016, covers “psychological first aid.” Efforts in support of the day will focus on basic pragmatic psychological support by people who find themselves in a helping role—whether they are health staff, teachers, firefighters, community workers, or police officers.

Despite its name, psychological first aid covers both psychological and social support, essentially the mission of AMHF. As general health care never consists of physical first aid alone, no mental-health care system should consist of psychological first aid alone. The investment in psychological first aid is part of a longer-term effort to insure that anyone in acute distress due to a crisis is able to receive basic support, and that those who need more than psychological first aid will receive additional advanced support from health, mental-health, and social services.

For nearly a century in research and advocacy AMHF has been, and is, at the forefront “to end the stigma”

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