Erich Fromm’s The Pathology of Normalcy (2010) Is Available as an Audiobook

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Now available as an Audiobook: psychologist and social theorist Erich Fromm on alienation and mental health

Now available as an Audiobook from American Mental Health Foundation Books….

As Erich Fromm, more in tune with our times than ever, trenchantly writes in The Pathology of Normalcy:

“There are two possible approaches to the question of what is mental health in contemporary society. One is statistical and one is an analytical, qualitative approach.

“The statistical one is simple and can be talked about briefly. Here one asks, ‘What are the figures of mental health in modern society? What do the statistics say?’ These figures are indeed not terribly encouraging.

“I would like to discuss not the statistical side but the qualitative: to start with the question, ‘What do we mean by mental health and mental sickness?’—and then to discuss the question, ‘How are the facts of mental health and sickness as we describe them related to the particular structure of our culture?'”

Marshall McLuhan said: “We cannot do without the nobility of purpose of people like Fromm.”

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