Erich Fromm’s The Heart of Man Is Available as an Audiobook

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The 1964 edition, reissued exclusively by American Mental Health Foundation Books in 2010, is available as an audiobook, in 2017, for the first time ever.

First published in 1964 and long unavailable until 2010, when it was reissued by American Mental Health Foundation Books, The Heart of Man is available as an audiobook for the first time. It can be purchased by clicking here.

Erich Fromm himself comments: “This book is in some respects a counterpart to The Art of Loving. While the main topic there was man’s capacity to love, the main topic here is his capacity to destroy, his narcissism, and his incestuous fixation. Yet, while the discussion of non-love fills most pages, the problem of love is also taken up in a new and broader sense, namely, love of life. I try to show that love of life, independence, and the overcoming of narcissism form ‘a syndrome of growth’ as against ‘the syndrome of decay’ formed by love of death, incestuous symbiosis, and malignant narcissism.”

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