The American Group Therapy Association and AMHF

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The American Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) has and continues to support all effective models of group therapy. It was the wish of our long-time executive director, Dr. Stefan de Schill, that this mission be carried out and that his own pioneering work in this modality be further developed and made available to those who need help. The reasonable cost of group therapy and its benefits are well established via the publications of AMHF, several of which are available on this Web site, in English as well as other major languages.

The American Group Therapy Association (AGTA) presents their 2010 conference next February in San Diego. It is entitled “A New Decade: Sustaining Our World through Groups.”

What makes this conference even more important to mental-health professionals in the 21st century is the group interventions for psychological trauma and supporting data for evidence-based practices. Using empirical approaches, insurance reimbursement will, it is hoped, provide greater coverage for group therapy approaches. We at AMHF hope this will mean that a greater number of people will receive the treatment that they need.

Mental-health professionals as well as consumers will be interested in some of the efforts sponsored by AGTA: group interventions for bereavement following traumatic events, and white papers on group therapy interventions for youth violence as well as for patients with cancer or who are HIV-positive. (Note: AMHF Books is publishing in June 2009 The Violent Person by Dr. Raymond B. Flannery Jr.)

The Web site of AGTA has a feature wherein one can type a zip code and receive a list of group therapists within an area, as well as information about AGTA.

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