The American Mental Health Foundation

AMHF is dedicated to the welfare of all people with emotional problems. AMHF works to end the stigma, especially with respect to young people. When you donate you are also giving to support the public good. Following are some sobering facts and statistics:

– 1 in 5 children—either currently or at some time during his or her lifetime—has, will have, or has had a seriously debilitating mental disorder (National Institute of Mental Health)

– For youth between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death: 4,600 lives lost every year (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

– More than 16 million children are poor and over 40 percent of them live in extreme poverty (Children’s Defense Fund)

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Marvin Lipshonsky; Dolores Lipshonsky; The Baschkopf Family Fund in Conjunction with UJAThe Estate of Gwendolyn T. Curry; The Estate of Isadore L. Klein; The Ruth Hoffman Charitable Remainder Trust; The Herbert Hoffman Trust; The Annie L. Hankins Trust; Network for Good; PayPal Charitable Giving Fund; The Estate of Lillian Berinstein, I. Ryabczak; Julia A. RoggeLMEPAC Charity ProgramThe Estate of Rosaria N. TomasettaTRUiST/frontstream; United Way; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Winsor


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In 2020, even in, especially in, the year of the unforeseen epidemic COVID-19, The American Mental Health Foundation reaches out with the goal of $100,000 in donations to sustain our programs, more compelling than ever. This foundation needs your generous help and support to sustain its mission: to continue growing and serving society.

Donors in 2020 are below, and donors in 2019 immediately follow. Thank you, all!

Benevity Community Impact Fund; Charities Aid Foundation of America; Sean J. Cummings; Dobson Student Council/Student Activities Mesa Public Schools; frontstream; Jesse Ferrer; Hareesh Gajula; Givinga Foundation, Inc.; Kathleen Halpin; Nicole Heinson; Joshua Huss; Rémi Fournier Lanzoni; Marc Meglio; Network for Good; Lisa Nicole; Megan Scannell; David Segrest; Lindsay Summers; Symantec Corporation Matching Gift and Dollars for Doers Program; Zoe Gabriella Taub; Akim Watts

Anonymous; Mallory Airey; The Arts Worldwide; Anthony Astarita; Michelle Barmoy; Dorie Byers; David Calvert; Valenice Castronovo; Anna H. and Patrick H. Cunningham; Gerri Czachowski; Bruce and Susan J. Epstein; Doreen M. Fanfair; Paul France; Marshall Fundaburk; Dr. Eric J. Green; Philip S. Harper Foundation; William Hough; Bessie Jones; David Kasakove; Susan Lally; Vickie and Michael Leach; Elke R. Melconian; Sabrina Mitchell; Charles C. Moore and Irmgard Moore; Network for Good; Todd Oakley; Nadja O’Dwyer; Philip Panasci; Mercedes Pereyra Fraga; PayPal Charitable Giving Fund; Remington Reynolds and “Playing with Remi”; Rodney Richardson; Julia A.Rogge; Sharon Sha; Sarah Steiner; Anne Strader; C. L. Straub; Mitchell Tires; Usertribe; Jamaal Whyte; Jenny Williams

Donors in 2018:

Anonymous; American Legion and American Auxiliary Post 75 (La Grange, Georgia, via James S. Steele and Victoria H. Steele); Amy Bakowski; Tyler Bradley; Randy Buroker; Stephen Carvalho; Amanda Casten; Mei C. Chen; Meoshi Crumedy; David Curry; Dresden Operations; Jill Ellis; Eugene P. Gollogly; Priscilla Guillemette; Mary H. Hall; Larry Hendrix; Matilda Henry; Don Hirth; Melissa Hollenbeck; Mel Ingrid; Nicole Jablon; Laura G. Jones; Mathew Konopinski; Ashley Kua; Heather Liiv; Irene McDeavitt; Jade McHale; Rafael Martinez; Tammy Maul; Network for Good; Julia A. Rogge; Roger Roland; Brooke Spitzfaden; Barbara Stelter; Christine Valerio; Donald Wood; Your Cause for PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Donors in 2017: 

Michael Ault; Dorothy M. Bellomo and Joseph M. Bellomo; Richard P. Boyer and Carol L. Boyer; Bronze Bourage; Amy Brown; Tami B. Cook and Hewlette D. Cook; The Estate of Gwendolyn T. Curry (see also above: Benefactor-level); Lisa Davie; Billy Davis; Kari and Scott Davis and family; Jessica Del Nero; Jelani Dunning; Samantha Eshelman; Denise and Mark D. Fedde; Mary C. Ford; John R. Ford III; Francis D. Green; Lacey Hansen; Carol A. Janos; Katherine Jay; Audrey Katz; Ted Kelly; Lennor Kurjah; License to Serve Global; Lois Linder and Michael H. Linder; LMEPAC Charity Program (see above: Benefactor-level); Karen Lucas and Robert J. Lucas; Bruce McCubbin; Ellen McCubbin; Thomas Maloney; David Mann; Diane Marino; Lori Napolitano; Rachel Ocampo; Cynthia Ortiz; David Perry; Hue Phan; Otto Placik; Jianwei Qin; Jared Ramos; Katherine Reneau; Zuleik Rodriguez; Julia A. Rogge; Louisa Salisbury; Dr. Michael Schwartz and staff; Jeffrey P. Shiller, P.A.; Tamikka R. Sims; Donna Smith; To Serve Global; Asha Trim; TRUiST (see above: Benefactor-level); Lauren Turner; Christine Twele; Lauri Via; Renata Visomirskis; Jeanne Woodward; Xuhui Zhao


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Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for additional gifts and support, from November 2014 to December 31, 2016: 

Anonymous; K. Alberts PA; Beth Alexander; Diane Aubrey; Gerald L. Barkdoll; Angela Bates; Baue Funeral & Memorial Center; Joshua Beaumont; David M. Beckering; Amelia Bergmann; Arthur and Laverne Bernat; Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Berry; Jean M. Berry; Joshua Boston; Nicholas Colosi; CorePower Yoga; Juanita Davis; Derek DeGroat; Denise Eagley; Joseph F. Eaton, CPA, PC; Karen and Allan Entous; Margaret Felton; N.S. Fey and The Fey Family; Patrick Fitzgerald; Ann F. and Carter B. Freeman; Gregory Gauthier; D. J. Glanzberg; Ari Golan; Marlys F. Gramley; Dr. Eric J. Green; Arlene Griffith; Kimberley Guderian; Joseph R. and Donna Hake; Joann C. and David R. Hall; John C. Jr. and Laurie L. Hanneke; Jessica Harbuck; Sangeetha Hariharan; Elizabeth Helmer; Paul and Diane Helvey; Eleanor Hochman; the late Stanley Hochman; Mr. and Mrs. J. Kederis; Kay Lynn and Larry F. Holmes; Ellyn Hosbach; Kenneth E. and Karen A. Howell, JTBE; David Jensen; JustGive; Sandra Katsoolis (Head to Heart Project); Eldina Klebic; Tron R. and Meghan Klosterhoff; Che Knight; Danielle Kohler; Vickie and Michael G. Leach; Linda Laurence Leib; Ann McCabe; Magellan Health; Bonnie Malkin; Steve Martin; Manuel H. Mello Jr. and Elaine M. Mello; William F. and Theresa M. Murphy; Stacey Pagan; Connie Papoulas; Robert E. Parent and Madeleine M. Parent; Philtine Holdings LLC/J. Erskine; Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Poole; Vinnie Pugliese; Jordan Raub; James E. Rendle and Linda M. Rendle; Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Reno; Julia A. Rogge; Kenneth V. and Alice M. Rothermich; Mr. and Mrs. E. Rudolph; Tracy Scheu; Myron G. Schwartz and Paula Schwartz; Kayla Scullion; Lisa Staberg; Linda A. Suydam; Richard F. and Margaret Van Beek; Tara Wigal-Wertsching; Thomas and Ruth Wiley; Mr. and Mrs. T. Wiseley

AMHF exists through the generosity and “selflessness” of its donors: You! Click here for one of our recent research projects, in conjunction with Astor Services for Children & Families. This American Mental Health Foundation-Astor Services Study, written by Mary Nichols, Suzanne Button, Katherine Hoopole, and Laura Lappan, was published April 7, 2016, as Early Identification, Palliative Care, and Prevention of Psychotic Disorders in Children and Youth, and can be ordered now by clicking on the above link.

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Your help, your gifts are urgently needed in 2020!

AMHF has established the following fund-raising goals for its programs in 2020:

– Schizophrenia ($350,000)
– PTSD ($150,000)
– Suicide Prevention ($150,000)
– Depression ($150,000)
– OCD ($150,000)
– Alcoholism ($150,000)
– The Developmentally Delayed and Elders Assessments ($650,000)
– Animal-companion Bereavement ($150,000)
SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) ($150,000)


See toward the bottom of this page, regarding protecting the privacy of donors. This charitable organization never collects or uses such information, including non-personal tracking or “cookies.” 

Please click the button immediately below and give generously to the American Mental Health Foundation today. You may donate by credit or debit card through PayPal’s secure system. You do not need a PayPal account to donate. Please also see below for other options. AMHF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the Federal Government and between June 2018 and January 2020 was an accredited charity of the Better Business Bureau of New York. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Planning Your Support of AMHF in 2020 and Beyond

There are several effective ways to support the American Mental Health Foundation though a Legacy Bequest. To learn more about the many ways to support the work of AMHF, please explore the links below and then call us at (212) 737-9027.

Bequest in Your Will The way most people include AMHF in their estate plans.

Beneficiary Designations Easy to do—Revocable if circumstances change.

Charitable Remainder Trusts A way to provide income for yourself or a loved one and a future gift for AMHF.

Charitable Lead Trusts Make your assets work overtime; first for AMHF, then for your family.

Retained Life Estate Donate your home to AMHF, but do not move out.

With the tax-reduction act of 2017, many donors will no longer be deducting individual deductions on their tax returns (as a result of the increased standard-deduction of $12,000). However, direct contributions from IRAs have the effect of reducing taxable income. Such donations are counted toward RMD (required-minimum distribution), and are not limited in any way.

Please contact us for more information about giving stocks, mutual funds, or bonds:

Office of Legacy and Planned Giving American Mental Health Foundation Inc 128 Second Place, Garden Suite Brooklyn, NY 11231-4102 Telephone and Fax (212) 737-9027 Email Evander

We will work with you and your financial adviser to help you plan a gift to AMHF that meets our research and dissemination goals as well as your needs and expectations.

Support the future of The American Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) and become an important lasting participant in our mission! The American Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) Measuring Effectiveness Policy WHEREAS, The AMHF board of directors seeks to establish a policy on effectiveness assessment to help ensure that the organization has defined, measurable goals in place and objectives in place to evaluate the successes and impact of its program in fulfilling these goals and objectives, IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the directors adopt the following policy:

(1) At least once every two years, AMHF will review its goals and objectives toward achieving its mission and will complete a performance-and-effectiveness assessment of its programs based on that review. The most-recent review was in November 2016.

(2) This first such assessment was in 2012 and was conducted again under the authority of the directors in October 2014, November 2016, October 31, 2017, as well as October 30, 2018 (annual), and November 18, 2019; these biannual assessments were examined by the accounting firm Kimerling & Wisdom, as part of an audit as well as part of the October 31, 2017, directors’ meeting. The firm Kimerling & Wisdom conducts annual audits or appropriate reviews every fiscal year, with annual filings (see below) by March of any year with the federal government and New York State Charities Bureau.

(3) AMHF will receive a written report of this assessment: (a) Describing the activities that it undertook in the prior two years to achieve its goals and objectives, (b) Identifying the measures used to assess AMHF effectiveness in achieving its goals and objectives, (c) Analyzing the effectiveness of AMHF programs in achieving the AMHF goals and objectives, and (d) Recommending future actions AMHF will take to increase effectiveness based on the findings.

(4) At the conclusion of this process, AMHF revised its goals and objectives in fall 2014, as needed, and will again following the directors’ meeting of October 31, 2017 (and October 30, 2018 revisited as well as November 18, 2019), and will offer means of measuring them.

AMHF respects the privacy of its visitors and never collects personal information. As noted above, AMHF does not in any way attempt to track individuals in any manner, and this charitable organization does not link the Web information to any other databases with the purpose of identifying individual Web-site users. (When visiting links to other sites, AMHF encourages you to review the privacy-policy statements of each site you visit.) Any questions and comments regarding The American Mental Health Foundation Privacy Policy should be directed to: 212-737-9027, or Email Evander or by mail to AMHF, Box 3, Riverdale, NY 10471-0003 USA. AMHF is located at 128 Second Place, Garden Suite, Brooklyn, NY 11231-4102

View our latest 2018-19 tax (filed March 4 / March 10, 2020) document here.

View our latest 2018-19 accounting report here.

View our latest 2018-19 Annual Report by clicking here.