Loneliness, Sadness, Depression: Do We Have It Backward?

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Emily White is a lawyer who lived alone for six years in her 30s and said those were years of “savage loneliness.” She has written a book about this, “Lonely: A memoir”, just published by Harper Collins.

Ms. White describes many of the pop psychology attitudes that even serious therapists adope. “Living alone gives you control of your life.” “You don’t have to worry about pesky spouses or in-laws.” “You can savor the peace and quiet and savor the gourmet cooking.”

White endured periods of chronic sadness and malaise and this prompted her to conduct her own study of all the research done on loneliness.

How many in our society see therapists to help cope with loneliness? Perhaps if it were easier to connect with a group of friends nearby or liver in a family-like setting, there wouldn’t be such a need for therapists.

Have we put the cart before the horse?

Read Emily White’s book.

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