Preventing Violence through Church Involvement

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AMHF has taken a special interest in the prevention of violence and in the many forms that coercion and abuse make themselves known. Recently we have been examining the extent of bullying in society and across the lifespan, a task that we suspect is only beginning.

Errol Louis, columnist for the New York Daily News, writes on how to “Take Aim at the Roots of Violence.” He writes:

“Churches have much of what’s needed to save the kids who can be saved. They have credibility, volunteers, real estate in he right communities and moral commitment.

“What they don’t have, in too many cases, is money to bolster their ministries with paid staff, job training, coordination with law enforcement and other necessities.”

Louis suggests ways to obtain funding for these ventures.

The movement of Community Psychology is one that attempts to use internal resources to revitalize communities, and this is one area that can be considered in virtually every community.

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