Should You Disclose Your Depression in the Workplace?

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There’s a very provocative article in CNN.Health today. If you are depressed (or have some other mental-health condition), should you reveal this at work? And if you decide to make this revelation, to whom should you share?

In 1972, Thomas Eagleton’s revelation of his history of depression cost him the nomination for the Vice Presidency. In his case, there was worry over whether his depression could affect him should he become President, especially in view of his possible wartime responsibilities.

Since then, there is far greater acceptance of depression and other debilitating mental-health conditions, as well as the recognition that one can keep on going with work, family, and other responsibilities while being treated for a mental-health condition.

Yet sharing this information can be a delicate topic, fraught with risk. Reading the article cited above can give one an idea of the pros and cons of disclosing one’s mental-health status in the workplace.

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