Crucial Choices, Crucial Changes


“This is probably one of the most intelligent and insightful books to appear in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. It is based on more than 45 years of intensive studies at the American Mental Health Foundation. Undertaken with a constructive intent, this book is an extremely careful and expert analysis of the problems and shortcomings besetting psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. A major part of the work provides the most knowledgeable description of new and creative measures that are indispensable to the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.”—Professor Andre Haynal, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Geneva

“What a welcome breath of fresh air Stefan de Schill’s book is. Dr. de Schill’s main work stands as a much-needed correction to the mountain of highly speculative and unanchored theory-building in the field of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. On the basis of numerous cogent examples, he demonstrates the need for an expert clinical approach as the indispensable tool for understanding the unique psychological makeup of the individual. This stands in marked contrast to the facile practice of generalizing broad ‘theory’ to every patient, regardless of his or her individuality in structure and dynamics. I do not know of any analyst more capable of understanding and formulating very complex concepts in a clear and cogent manner. “I believe that the book will have a major impact where improvement is most needed: (1) in patient care and (2) in the training of psychotherapists. Dr. de Schill’s incisive wit, exceptional clinical acumen, and direct critical evaluation of a large number of renowned writers in our field make this book a most readable and instructive contribution.”—Professor Fabian X. Schupper, Vice President, Institute for the Advancement of Mental Health

“This book can be called the Bible of psychotherapy. The value of its findings is timeless.”—Valentine W. Zetlin, Chairman, Professional Board, International Institute for the Advancement of Psychiatry

“I consider [this] volume to be a most fascinating, insightful, and challenging work. The incisive changes and reforms worked out by Dr. Stefan de Schill attest to an unusual perceptiveness of the essence and needs of psychotherapy. A dozen years of studies in universities, hospitals, and institutes will not provide even a small fraction of the expert psychotherapeutic knowledge to be found in this volume. The remedies it proposes are indispensable if psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are to be rescued from their long decline and put on the path leading to their unfulfilled potential.”—Professor Toni Graf-Baumann, former Director of Clinical Medicine, Springer Verlag

Crucial Choices, Crucial Changes: The Resurrection of Psychotherapy is one of the most challenging works to appear in decades. It is of paramount importance to the future of psychotherapy. “This work examines basic problems of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and mental health with three major considerations foremost: the extent to which the welfare of the patient is considered, the examination of present-day quality of professional work, and the steps that are necessary to bring about decisive improvements in psychotherapeutic effectiveness and teaching.”—Psychotherapies, Geneva

“Few indeed are those who have the integrity and the expertise to oppose the ever-increasing trend of shallow practices, ambiguous language, and nebulous thinking in our field. Therefore, one should highly praise these invaluable efforts in this direction.”—Serge Lebovici, Professor Emeritus, University of Paris and Honorary Vice President of the International Psychoanalytic Association