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Evander Lomke

Under the direction of Evander Lomke, President & Executive Director of AMHF, the publishing program since 2009, AMHF Books, now featuring 25 titles with an additional 2 in planning and production, broadens the international-research mission and reach of AMHF. Mr. Lomke and vice president of AMHF, Eugene Gollogly, have developed publishing programs at Frederick Ungar, Crossroad/Continuum (along with Dr. William Van Ornum, FAPA, of the professional-advisory board, who, with Eugene C. Kennedy, founded The Continuum Counseling Series), Continuum Publishing Group, SteinerBooks, and Lantern. Mr. Lomke has edited such authorities as Reuben Fine, Robert T. Francoeur, Lucy Freeman, the posthumous writings of Erich Fromm, John Money, and Herbert Strean. Mr. Lomke is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

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