Licensure as Psychoanalyst in New York State

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Several years ago New York State added new mental health positions that are licensable in New York State. Among these were licenses in psychoanalysis, mental health counseling, and marriage and family counseling. All of these require the minimum of a master’s degree and certain kinds of supervised experience.

Previously the major licensed/certified positions were for psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers.

Many see the intent of this law as creating more opportunities for practice of mental health professions in New York State as well as defining the identity of certain specialities.

This law gives recognition of Psychoanalyst as a specialized position and offers the public the knowledge that a standardized amount of education and supervised experience are necessary for this position.

For example, here is the list of licensing requirements in New York State for Psychoanalyst:

How to apply for the psychoanalyst license.

The New York State licensing application forms for psychoanalyst can now be downloaded on the internet. Go to “”

Once you’re on the page at the above link which will read “Office of the Professions – Psychoanalyst Application Forms” you will find the instructions for each form on the right side of the screen. On the left will be a list under Mental Health Practitioners where Psychoanalysis can be found at the bottom of the list, as the professions are listed in alphabetical order. Download all three: License Requirements, Application Forms, Selecting a Pathway to Licensure (Alternative Pathway 1 and 2 are for grandparenting.)

Download each form and the instructions and read carefully to decide which path best fits your education and clinical experience. Print each of these forms. You will need at least two copies of Psychoanalyst Form 2. Fill out page 1 of each copy and send one copy to your graduate school and one to your institute.

Fill out the front of Psychoanalyst Form 3A and mail the form to NAAP along with a check for $25. NAAP will complete page 2 and send the form to the New York State Education Department.

Psychoanalyst Form 1. Send to New York State with your photo and a check for $345.00. Also fill out form 4 with the names of 3 colleagues or supervisors (these will be endorsers) and send to the state with Form 1. If you work with children also send the certificate of completion of the child abuse course. If you do not work with children, send the certificate of exemption to the state.

Psychoanalyst Form 4: List 3 colleagues or supervisors (endorsers) who can verify that you have been in practice full-time for 7 years or the equivalent.

Psychoanalyst Form 2: Send to the institute from which you graduated and to the university that granted you a Master’s degree.

Psychoanalyst Form 3: Send to the licensing body if you have any other psychotherapy license.

Psychoanalyst Form 3A: Fill out side one and send to NAAP. NAAP fills out side 2 and sends it directly to NYS.

Psychoanalyst Form 4B or 4C: Fill out side one and send either form 4B or 4C to 3 persons (either supervisors or colleagues) who have agreed to fill it out.

If you do not work with children, fill out and mail the certificate of exemption to NYS also.

The forms that must be notarized can be taken to your bank. They should do it at no charge.

You can get more information by contacting the state at: phone: 518-474-3817 or email: *protected email*.

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