Special Needs Children in Harder Economic Times

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Parents of special-needs children know this, but others might not. Viz., there is a continuum of care and interventions for special-needs children.

During the past 32 years, since the enactment of Public Law 94-142 (PL 94-142), different programs of different intensities (and expense) change, depending on the political or economic climate of the times.

For children that need special help in school, there is a 529 Plan, assistance from consulting teachers, different types of intensities of mainstreaming of inclusion, self-contained classes with different concentrations of certified special-education teachers and aides; and then BOCES, Day Treatment, Residential Treatment or RTC Residential Care. There are also highly expensive out-of-state placements available if there is no appropriate in-state program available.

In a time of retrenchments and cost-cutting measures, all of us at AMHF hopes that legislators and school districts always keep in mind the needs of the children that require these ESSENTIAL resources. It is always the most-helpless that are most adversely affected,

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