Mental Health: Where Do Your Politicians Stand?

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There are some political topics and issues that one party or another seems to own. These concerns are part of the history and ideology of a particular political party and they present themselves, sometimes in slightly or radically different forms, as the years go by and the elections occur every two to four years.

From what I know, mental health concerns can be part of either party’s platform, expressed in different ways, and can diverge even more when the interests and stances of a Senator, Congressional Representative, or State or Local Legislator is considered. Many of these will have a personal stake in mental health or special education funding.

In an age of information overload, we need continued awareness of mental health concerns as they’re dealt with in political places. To do this, we need to know how particular lawmakers stand on bills and funding that concern mental health, both practice and research.

One practical step each of us can take is to contact our local lawmaker, at whatever level, and ask for this person’s stance on or interest in mental health legislation. This simple beginning might lead to much constructive action.

To contact a federal representative, this website gives information you need for any state in the United States:

Where to write to Federal officials

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