Suicide Prevention International and AMHF

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I had the distinct honor to receive an invitation to the Fall Harvest Festival presented by Suicide Prevention International.

Suicide is now recognized by the World Health Organization and the United States government as a global health problem.

Suicide Prevention International has developed four distinctive projects:

– Youth Suicide Prevention
– Recognition of an Individual in Crisis
– Support for Survivors
– Prevention in Rural China

(China has 21 percent of the world’s population and 30-to-40 percent of the world’s suicides.)

There are 30,000 suicides in the United States every year. On average, ten people are directly affected by each one.

Recognizing this worldwide crisis and epidemic, AMHF will partner with the SPI Director of Survivor Initiatives to publish our second completely new book, tentatively entitled Left Behind.

Look for this important book scheduled for early 2011 publication by AMHF Books.

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