Concussion, Football, and Other Sports

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There is an increasing awareness of the vulnerability of football players and other athletes to the serious possibility of concussions that have gone unrecognized. This means there is an interaction between the mental health and neurological domains.

There is increasing evidence of brain damage caused by concussion in professional athletes within the NFL. This month, the House Judiciary Committee has held hearings to enquire more deeply into what may have been a topic not readily discussed with the league and among team medical professionals:

New York Times article regarding House JuDiciary Investigation into Football and damage from Concussions

The House as well as other medical professionals are discussing how these findings might lead to a more cautious approach in youth sports.

Perhaps in the near future we will see topics like this studied by adolescent psychologists. How do parents and others offer cautions or even limit the participation of young people who love their sport the way it is?

A site for teens that explains concussions and sports in adolescent-friendly language may be found at:

Teen’s Health article on Concussions and Sports

This topic will become increasingly important within the field.

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