Upcoming Changes in the DSM

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The profession of psychiatry is now in the fourth edition of the book that classifies mental disorders: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV.

The revised version will be published in 2013, and there continues to be debate about what will and will not be included. The New York Times brings this and a spirited discussion in the article

Revising the Book on Disorders

One of the changes is that fewer children will be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Concern is that many children as young as two receive powerful medications–interventions of which long term effects and possible damage are unknown.

One of the term that may be used in lieu of bipolar disorder is temper dysregulation disorder.

There may be a new term added: hypersexuality. This would refer to excessive thoughts, urges, or plans regarding sexual activities.

Some ask, “Why do psychiatrists need to pathologize so many things?”

Others respond, “Better diagnosis brings more accurate treatment and better help for many persons.”

What do you think?

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