Mandated Treatment Law Set to Expire

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Kendra’s Law, passed by the New York State legislature about ten years ago, is set to expire. This law was passed and named after a woman who was pushed to her death by a severely mentally ill person who was not following the prescribed treatment regimen.

One of the advocates of this bill is E. Fuller Torrey, an advocate for families who have a family member with schizophrenia. Torrey’s sister suffers from chronic schizophrenia and has lived in a state hospital for over 40 years, having only memories of her early childhood.

It is important to note that at least half of persons diagnosed with schizophrenia either recover after one episode, or have intermittent bouts and can be effectively treated with medication. These persons can lead a normal family and work life. For persons who develop chronic schizophrenia, the prognosis is much more uncertain.

It is reported that the New York Legislature is planning to extend the bill for five more years, rather than the permanent approval desired by advocates.

The details of Kendra’s law can be found at:

NYS Website on Kendra’s Law

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