Archie Pal “Out” in “Riverdale”

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Mental-health issues with and among gay teens include coming-out and bullying. Now, these issues will be portrayed in the perennial Archie comic-book series. Kevin Keller is a gay teen who made his debut in the Veronica comic book last year.

Now Kevin will debut in a four-part series, the first from a major comic-book publisher. Archie Comics co-CEO, Jon Goldsmith, was quoted in today’s New York Post (March 28, 2010). “This is the most important book this company has released in 70 years.” Goldsmith expects brisk sales, and this may create the opportunity for an ongoing series for this character.

The comic series Archie is situated in the fictional town of Riverdale. We hope this new publication will create further awareness of mental health issues, especially bullying, among gay teenagers, in Riverdales throughout America as well as many other places.

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