The Stigma of Epilepsy on ESPN

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Piers Morgan hosted the Axelrods who eloquently and movingly diagnosed the sorry state of epilepsy research in the United States and their 29-year-old daughter’s battle (along with her family) against this condition. Epilepsy is a so-called orphaned disease in the United States. (Two new anticonvulsants are currently available in Canada, finally set for FDA approval by December. [This news was not part of the program last night.]) Far more research is being done in countries like France. The American Mental Health Foundation applauds the work of the Axelrod family in forming CURE. There are unimaginable psychological, isolating dimensions to the misunderstood world of repeated seizures, which is what the word epilepsy means. We at AMHF urge readers of our blog to remain mindful of CURE, to support the mission and work of this organization.

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