Six Tips to Help Summer Depression

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Therese Borchard, associate editor of Psych Central, offers everyone 6 Tips to Help Summer Depression. She notes 5 causes of summer depression, as suggested by Dr. Ian Cook of the Depression Research Project at UCLA.

The following 5 factors may contribute to summertime depression: disrupted summer schedules, body image issues (i.e., fitting into that swimsuit), financial worries (expensive vacations), Seasonal Affective Disorder, and (of course!) the heat.

Borchard offers 6 practical and helpful tips to ease summer depression: get on schedule, plan something fun, replace triggers of sadness, sleep well, exercise, and be around people.

Borchard’s popular and well-received books include Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression and Anxiety and Making the Most of Bad Genes and The Pocket Therapist. In her writings she is always knowledgeable and compassionate, and, most of all, hopeful.

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