Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) Offers Scholarships

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One theme of Dr. Stefan de Schill’s lifework was his passion for group therapy. His own personality lent itself to work simultaneously with the fascinating dynamics that occur in a group, and he was able to communicate understanding and direction almost intuitively. In many ways Dr. de Schill was also prescient in his concerns over cost issues in mental health, and recognized group therapy as an effective approach to reach many who are in need of mental-health assistance. Such is in line with the mission of AMHF.

The Association for Specialists in Group work (ASGW) is inviting applicants to apply for the $2,000 scholarship given each year to honor Marguerite Carroll, former ASGW president and pioneer in group work, according to Lorraine Guth (*protected email*), writing in the September 2011 issue of Counseling Today, a publication of the American Counseling Association. Any students who are interested in group work may apply.

In the application process, there are a number of questions the applicants are asked to address, including: What area of group therapy interests you the most? Where do you plan to obtain training in your area of interest? How do you plan to assess if you and your groups are making progress? Complete information may be found in the “Scholarships” section under the “Awards and Scholarships” section at American Society of Group Work.

We hope that interested persons will apply for this award. It is a great opportunity to receive helpful financial assistance in a much-needed area of mental-health training. We applaud all applicants.

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