American Mental Health Foundation Annual Report November 1, 2011

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American Mental Heath Foundation
Annual Report November 1, 2010, to October 31, 2011

This is the first Annual Report on the American Mental Health Foundation, a research organization founded in 1924, incorporated in New York State in 1954.

The new Vision Statement on the homepage of the Web site: Building a More Compassionate Society.

The Mission Statement since 1924 is unchanged. AMHF is dedicated to the welfare of people with emotional problems and chartered to organize educational seminars.

Programs: We have three distinct programs.

(1) An annual award of $5,000 in the name of Dr. Stefan de Schill to an organization working in the humanitarian spirit of AMHF. The 2011 (May) award went to Suicide Prevention International for developing a questionnaire that predicts individuals at risk for suicide: specifically, its work with returning US veterans and the suicide epidemic in China.

(2) A publishing program that issued four titles by Erich Fromm in late 2010, selling throughout 2011, and now starting to find their way into courses as traditional texts and e-book formats. In 2012, AMHF Books will publish Dr. Henry Kellerman, Personality: How It Forms as well as by Drs. Gavin and Gavin and James Quick, Live Your Dream, Change the World: The Psychological Issues of Women in the Workplace. Also in 2012, AMHF Books will reissue two books by Dr. Raymond B. Flannery Jr. entitled Violence in America and Preventing Youth Violence. We are exploring a reissue of the 30,000-copy seller by Dr. William Van Ornum, Crisis Counseling with Children and Adolescents; we are exploring an interview/memoir on depression by Alexandra Styron, edited by Dr. Melissa Wanamaker.

(3) Gratis or low-cost (Suggested Donation) workshops and educational seminars as part of our mission statement. In 2011, we offered Small Family Business:Big Family Stress, a two-day workshop. On March 31, 2012, AMHF will offer a one-day workshop entitled The Healthy Organization. The rubric, building on The Healthy Organization, may be called The AMHF-Stefan de Schill/AMHF series.

Web site: We postponed complete redesign and overhaul of the Web site for redesign only of the homepage and a few elements. Action from September 15, 2010, to September 19, 2011, is 20,255 visits. This is a 31.55 percent increase over the previous year in this period (not exactly timed as my previous report, which was also ca. 21,000 hits). We have 36,137 Pageviews in the same period. The average look is 1.78 pages/visits. Under Donate, we received 210 Pageviews (132 Unique Pageviews). Search Engines = 72.79 percent Direct Traffic = 16.86 percent Referring Sites = 10.35 percent.

Immediate Future: Expanding on the workshops and educational seminars to two or three per year and continuing the publishing program in search of two new books of original research ideally commissioned by AMHF or in line with our humanist mission and ideals; for example, posthumous publication of the work of Fromm.

Long-range Future; or, Why Contribute to this Charitable Organization? AMHF is committed to growth in a way that will benefit individuals and society, particularly focusing (more tangibly in the future) on the special and specific emotional needs and issues confronted, on a daily basis, by the disabled community and elders. These populations have traditionally been underserved. Further, AMHF promotes the lifework of Dr. Stefan de Schill with respect to improved training methods and procedures related to the art and science of low-cost, insurance-policy friendly, group psychotherapy particularly with respect to elders.

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