Arthur Miller, “The Crucible,” and Friend of AMHF Madeleine Sherwood

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Madeleine Sherwood, star of stage and screen, friend of AMHF

One thing I enjoy about published play-scripts is the inclusion of the opening-night cast. I have recently acquired an edition of The Crucible, and on page 147, fourth cast member “in order of appearance,” is Madeleine Sherwood as Abigail Williams. The drama opened in New York City on January 22, 1953.

This play thematically combines the then-current Joseph McCarthy-inspired “Communist witch hunts” with the literal Salem trials of the seventeenth century. I know Madeleine Sherwood’s work from the film version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and the TV show The Flying Nun. I also know she was outspoken: in the best sense, a star.

When, in 2005, I chanced upon some personal photographs of Ms. Sherwood along with a Herald Tribune clipping among the personal effects of Dr. Stefan de Schill and Denise LaHullier, I was intrigued.

My attempts to locate this Friend of AMHF by mail to Quebec Province proved unsuccessful. One visitor to our Web site tried to reach the actress without success.

AMHF thanks Ms. Madeleine Sherwood for her obvious friendship with Dr. de Schill and Miss LaHullier. We hope to hear from you some day.

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