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Here is a letter I received from Jesse Close:

Dear William:

Share your story with Bring Change 2 Mind. I was 47 by the time I was properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For most of my life, my illness went undiagnosed and untreated.

Life is much better now. A proper diagnosis and treatment helped tremendously, and so did having an outlet to share my experiences and my stories with others.

That outlet is Bring Change 2 Mind Stories, a section of our website where you can read about people’s experiences with mental illness and share your own. Take a look, and consider sharing yours today.

Share your experiences with mental illness, your own or your loved one’s, with Bring Change 2 Mind.

Sharing my story on the Stories page was incredibly uplifting. I gained courage and strength from the support of the Bring Change 2 Mind community, many of whom I did not know before joining. I felt empowered, finally able to talk openly and freely about my illness.

More importantly, after sharing my story and reading other submissions, I saw that I was not alone in what I went through before recovery began. I was an alcoholic but found AA and am now ten years sober. I would become so frightened that I would hide in my closet. But, worst of all, I became suicidal during my bouts with depression.

Sharing your stories and experiences, whether you are living with a mental illness yourself or are close to someone who is, can give you the same strength and empowerment that it gave me. You may also give someone you’ve never met the strength to speak out.

If you’re ready to find your voice, share your story with Bring Change 2 Mind today.

Glenn has said it before: There is strength in numbers and shared experiences. I hope you will lend your voice to our growing community.

Thank you,

Jessie Close
Co-founder, Bring Change 2 Mind

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