The Meaning of Happy Holidiays

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Santa meets the modern world.

Pope Benedict VI decries the increasing commercialization of Christmas. Indeed, readers of this blog remember that among the films with a strong psychological component, listed in a recent posting, is Miracle on 34th Street. This 1947 classic, though “AMHF-blog worthy” being about the workings of a therapist and a HRD “personality tester,” primarily takes up themes of the realities of the modern world and the idealism of a handful of individuals that confronts them.

The mission of The American Mental Health Foundation, a research organization about to celebrate 88 years of philanthropic activity, is to help people with emotional problems. Such wording comes straight from its mission statement. In future, AMHF will more directly address the unique emotional needs of the developmentally disabled and elders. The present program does three things: (1) Supports the good works of other foundations working in its spirit, such as Astor Services and Suicide Prevention International (which is preserved in this video); (2) Publishes works of its research like Dr. de Schill’s magnum opus Crucial Choices, Crucial Changes as well as books on PTSD by Dr. Raymond B. Flannery Jr., on the psychoanalytic in society by Erich Fromm, and forthcoming on formation of personality by Dr. Henry Kellerman as well as the psychological issues facing women in the workplace by Drs. Joanne Gavin, James Campbell Quick, and David Gavin; and (3) Organizes and funds educational seminars and workshops like the ultra-successful “Small Family Business, Big Family Stress” presentation in the Hudson Valley in April 2011, with a follow-up at the FDR Estate in Hyde Park, this March 31, 2012, on “The Healthy Organization.”

The directors of The American Mental Health Foundation look forward to a Miracle on Second Place in Brooklyn (where our foundation offices are located, in Carroll Gardens), and wish our supporters, and everyone, a Happy Holiday, a peaceful and joyous 2012.

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