Special Needs Financial Calculator

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Ann Carrns, writing in the January 11, 2012, New York Times, notes a new financial tool, one geared for families with individuals who have special needs:

“Families with children who have special needs or disabilities face even bigger hurdles than most people when it comes to planning for their financial futures. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management has introduced a free online special needs calculator to help parents and guardians get started in evaluating their situation.”

The calculator is available here.

One of the respondents to the Times article made an interesting comment:

“Even if you’re not using the calculator for your own needs, it’s a powerful tool to review. Though only a monetary view, it clearly illustrates one of the many complexities facing families dealing with special needs. You can’t run through it without developing a deeper sense of compassion. If enough people are exposed to this tool, it hopefully will yield greater societal understanding.”

“Though you may not ‘need’ this calculator, I encourage everyone to take a close look at this and see if it doesn’t expand your own awareness. It did mine. Thank you.”

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