New Books on Counseling

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Here are some new books on counseling by members of the American Counseling Association, as described in the February 2012 edition of Counseling Today:

Married to the Enemy: A Guide to Overcoming the Obstacles to Intimacy When We are Raised in a Culture that Uses Stereotyping and Sexism to Divide Us

By Dawn Kozarian and Mark James; Author House

“The co-authors expose how gender roles create barriers in relationships and reveal tips to overcoming them in this new self-help book. This resource goes beyond understanding to empower readers to unearth their own destructive and limiting gender beliefs.”

The A to Z of School Counseling in New York State, 2011-12 Edition

By Edward A. Mainzer, CreateSpace

“This book is designed as a desktop reference for counselors concerned with K-12 education in New York state. It includes brief articles on state regulations, from serving students with disabilities to certifying high school graduates, as well as in-depth entries on hot topics such as best practices in college counseling for undocumented students, tips for school policies to ensure educational opportunities for LGBTQ youth and strategies to work with students from military families. Full bibliographical citations to current professional literature and an extensive list of abbreviations, organizations and websites are also included.”

I Will Remember You: My Catholic Guide through Grief

By Kimberly B. Schuler (author), Mary Joseph Peterson (illustrator), Pauline Books and Media

“Through reflection, prayer, and specially designed activities, this book helps children ages 7 to 12 understand death, funeral rituals, the grieving process, and what to expect after the loss of a loved one. It gives a reassuring voice to a child’s feelings of loss and provides a safe space where hopes can be expressed and memories can be treasured.”

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