AMHF Attended the 53rd Annual Meeting of NEPA as Well as NECTOP

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AMHF executive director Evander Lomke, with an interested party, at Poster Session IV. (Photo by Amanda Torres)

AMHF executive director Evander Lomke displayed on the history of the foundation and grants awarded during Poster Session IV, third-floor student lounge of Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on October 19, 2013. This community-college setting was surprisingly—even startlingly—impressive.

The high-energy meetings of the New England Psychological Association (fifty-third annual conference of NEPA) and Northeast Teachers of Psychology (NECTOP) provided much inspiration among the many fine papers delivered (the unforgettable keynote speaker Friday evening, October 18, was Daniel L. Schachter, Ph.D., of Harvard University, on “The Seven Sins of Memory”; another attended, the following morning, was by nationally renowned Kelly D. Brownell, Ph.D., newly of Duke University, asking “Does Psychology Have a Role in Changing the American Diet?”)—particularly during the all-day Saturday Poster Sessions.

Some of these outstanding displays included:

“Are Women Their Own Worst Enemy? Implicit Stereotypes and Their Effect on Performance Evaluations,” by Chelsea Hadrich of Stonehill College

“Email Stress and Personality,” by Louise Hviid and Marcel Kinsbourne, M.D., of The New School for Social Research

“A Film Is Worth a Thousand Words” (on the death penalty), by Suzanne Mannes, Ph.D., and Raphael-Adrian Ingaglio II of Widener University

“Pilot Study of High School Students’ Attitudes toward Disability across Age,” by Brian H. Hough (Brandeis University) and Sigmund Hough, Ph.D.

“Asberger’s Syndrome: A Guide for the Neurotypical,” by Kathryn Thibedeau and William Van Ornum, Ph.D. (Marist College)

“Humor Styles and Self-reflection,” by Bernard C. Beins, Ph.D., et al (a truly outstanding group of his students)

“Ethnic Identity Develpment among Sexual Minority Adolescents,” by Evan Auguste and Robert Moeller, Ph.D. (both Middlebury College) and Perry N. Halkitis, Ph.D. (New York University).

Such represent the tip of the iceberg.

AMHF returned to these joint conferences following the superb 2012 meetings, largely organized and administered by social-psychologist Jeanine L. Skorinko, Ph.D.—of the AMHF professional-advisory board—at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. (In 2013, Dr. Skorinko introduced the symposium entitled “Using Science to Address Some of the Hottest Societal Issues.”)

We plan to be inspired and vitalized by all of you (and many others) again, October 17-18, 2014, at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine.

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