Eleventh Anniversary of the Passing of Dr. Stefan de Schill

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Stefan de Schill ca. 1948, when he joined AMHF as Director of Research at the request of author Hermann Broch and Dr. Otto Kauders.

Yesterday, February 9, 2016, was the eleventh anniversary of the death of Dr. Stefan de Schill: Ash Wednesday, 2005, and the earliest Western date this holiday could fall. (Today, February 10, is Ash Wednesday.) We honor the work of Dr. de Schill today.

This video talks a little about Dr. de Schill’s nearly 60 years at the helm of this foundation, as well as his work as one of the American pioneers of group psychotherapy.

De Schill’s long and fruitful career, his passion for helping individuals with emotional problems in as inexpensive a manner as possible, going back to the 1940s, is more thoroughly laid out in his magnum opus, Crucial Choices—Crucial Changes, which is available from AMHF Books, and is available on Amazon/Kindle as an ebook, as well as two edited books viewable for free on this Web site, under Publications. (These books are also available in German and French on that same “Publications” page.) Here is Dr. de Schill’s classic introduction to group therapy, a sample.

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