The American Mental Health Foundation–Astor Services Study and Young People

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The American Mental Health Foundation-Astor Services research project

On April 16, 2015, American Mental Health Foundation Books published its most comprehensive research project devoted to young people in its 90-plus-year history. Early Identification, Palliative Care, and Prevention of Psychotic Disorders in Children and Youth is the result of a pioneering two-year study developed and funded by AMHF.

This monograph is also a collaborative effort: researched by Astor Services for Children & Families under the auspices of AMHF. It presents significant findings with much wider implications and potential applications.

About Astor Services: Since 1953, Astor has been providing behavioral and educational services in a caring environment wherein children and their families find strength, healing, hope, and trust. Astor reaches more than 7,000 children and families every year in 32 locations in the Hudson Valley of New York State and the Bronx.

The directors and everyone associated with AMHF take pride in this accomplishment; thank researchers and authors Mary Nichols, Suzanne Button, Katherine Hoople, and Laura Lappan; and are delighted to make these research findings public now and well into the future.

This essential book on young people and predictors of later-life diagnoses for schizophrenia as well as other psychoses—the capstone of AMHF research since fall 2012—may be ordered here.

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