May Is National Mental Health Awareness Month

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Jack Fowler, 4th chairman of AMHF in its 92-year history: starting National Mental Health Awareness Month 2016 he will solely be a non-board-member treasurer

The White House has declared May 2016 National Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a time to reflect: specifically on the 92-year tradition of excellence in research and building a more compassionate society as the aims and goals of AMHF. More generally, this month—which derives its name from Jesus’ mother—is a good time to think over its 31 days about any loved ones or friends suffering the effects of depression, bipolar disorder, and other perhaps less-controllable forms of emotional distress.

Coincident with this celebratory month, AMHF has mailed its first fund-raising letter in history. (Gifts may also be given via PayPal here.) The Foundation is also mentioned in a letter to the editor of the New York Times from Executive Director Evander Lomke (on the so-called Ashley Treatment), published April 10. On April 7, AMHF advertised its publishing program and outreach in New York Review of Books. All of these efforts to raise the profile and extend research depend solely on individual donors.

One announcement: On May 2, 2016, Jack Fowler, who is pictured, relinquished the position of chairman and board member following ten years of service overall, eight as treasurer, and six as chairman. Mr. Fowler continued as a nonvoting treasurer and financial adviser to the executive director and vice president till early 2019, and is now adviser at large.

The board thanks Mr. Fowler for his determined and thoughtful service to mental health as well as for his continued support and dedication to the mission of AMHF: the welfare of individuals with emotional problems.

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