Honoring Dr. Stefan de Schill at 100: April 4, 2017

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Dr. Stefan de Schill with Miss Denise LaHullier: companions in life and work

April 4 is the 100th birthday of Dr. Stefan de Schill. Dr. de Schill was director of research of The American Mental Health Foundation from 1948 till his death on February 9, 2005, Ash Wednesday.

He devoted his life to individuals with emotional problems, as a leading proponent internationally of group psychotherapy.

De Schill’s two edited books are available for free on this Web site. This is a sample. Others are available in French and German as well, and all are found by scrolling down here.

Dr. de Schill’s magnum opus on group therapy, Crucial Choices–Crucial Changes: The Resurrection of Psychotherapy, has never been out of print and is available for sale here and on Amazon as a Kindle ebook.

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