For Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2018) AMHF Books Publishes Psychotherapeutic Traction by Dr. Henry Kellerman

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Psychotherapeutic Traction: Uncovering the Patient's Power-theme and Basic-wish

Dr. Kellerman is the author or editor of some 30 titles. Here is a book for the professional and general reader.

Today, May 11, 2018, is the official publication date of Psychotherapeutic Traction: Uncovering the Patient’s Power-theme and Basic-Wish by Dr. Henry Kellerman, a member of the advisory board.

It is The American Mental Health Foundation Books celebration of its 25th publication since 2009 as well as an homage to 2018 (“Risky Business”) Mental Health Month.

The first advance notice of Dr. Kellerman’s book, from the Midwest Book Review reads, in part: “compelling Case Histories make Psychotherapeutic Traction an extraordinary and highly recommended read not only for professionals, but for non-specialist general readers interested in the difficult-and-rewarding work of the psychotherapeutic process….Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, Psychotherapeutic Traction should be a part of every college- and university-library Psychology/Psychiatry-reference collection and supplemental-studies reading list.”

Order the Kindle edition by clicking here.

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