The Pathology of Normalcy

The Pathology of Normalcy: Table of Contents

Publisher’s Foreword

Introduction by Rainer Funk

Part I. Modern Man’s Pathology of Normalcy

  1. Mental Health in the Modern World
    1. What is mental health?
    2. Principles and attitudes of modern society
    3. Human conditions and psychic needs
    4. Mental health and the need for religion
  2. The frame of reference and devotion in contemporary culture
    1. The religious vacuum
    2. About the concept of work
    3. The worship of production and consumption
    4. About happiness and security
  3. Alienation and the problem of mental health
    1. Alienation and abstractification
    2. Alienated experience
    3. Alienated language
    4. Alienated feelings and sentimentality
    5. Mental health and being related
    6. Alienation and boredom
    7. Alienation in politics
    8. Alienated thinking
    9. Alienated loving
  4. Ways to overcome insane society
    1. Socialist’s vision and its distortion
    2. What can be done?

Part II. The Concept of Mental Health

  1. Prevailing concepts of mental health
  2. Mental health and evolutionary thinking
  3. My own concept of mental health
    1. Overcoming narcissism
    2. Overcoming alienation
    3. Overcoming necrophilia
    4. Social determinants of mental health

Part III. Humanistic Science of Man

Part IV. Is Man Lazy by Nature?

  1. The axiom of man’s inherited lazyness
    1. Socio-economic aspects of the axiom
    2. Scientific aspects of the axiom
  2. The Evidence against the Axiom
    1. Neurophysiological Evidence
    2. Evidence by experiments in animals
    3. Work and the axiom of man’s innate passivity
    4. Evidence by dreaming
    5. Evidence by child development
    6. Evidence by psychology




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