About the American Mental Health Foundation

The American Mental Health Foundation celebrates its centennial in 2024!

Since October 1924 (the October 27, 1924, issue of Time magazine acclaimed Sigmund Freud on its cover that very month: Time itself was started in 1923 by philanthropist Henry R. Luce and Briton Hadden [at first, not long before, named “Fact” magazine]), The American Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) has endeavored to advocate for, and to advance, mental health and well-being through all of society.

Its work is dedicated to the welfare of people suffering from emotional problems and mental illness, with a particular concern for individuals of all ages with special needs, particularly elders.

The AMHF historically advocates improving the quality of treatment, developing more effective methods of research, and making professional treatment available to lower-wage individuals. To this end, AMHF organizes educational seminars and webinars (these webinars for CEU with APT, NASW, and NBCC) and publishes books, some available free on the website. Purchase of any AMHF title supports the mission of The American Mental Health Foundation.


The Mission Statement:


For a century and in times of social change, a not-for-profit organization advancing the public understanding of mental health by educating through books, articles, website blogs, and workshops.



The mission includes publication of a significant 2-year research project with Astor Services

Stefan DeSchill

Dr. Stefan de Schill, long-time AMHF Director of Research, photographed in Vienna circa 1938

“There are three basic factors in daily existence that are utterly incomprehensible to us: time, because it is eternal; space, because it is infinite; and our consciousness, because it defies all explanation.”—Dr. Stefan de Schill, whose life and work are marked in 2024, a year of healing around the world: the 107th anniversary year of his birth

  • At least fifty percent of all people seeking medical treatment are suffering from emotional disturbances, but only three cents of every medical dollar is spent on emotional illness.
  • “The anxiety and problems other people suffer when caught up in a major crisis, we have to face day by day.”—a patient
  • Millions of Americans will be victims of emotional breakdown and spend at least a part of their lives in an institution.
  • Less than two percent of those suffering from deep-rooted emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, and phobias will ever obtain competent professional help bringing about lasting results.

2024 AMHF Board of Directors and Executives

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From June 1, 2018, to December 31, 2019, The American Mental Health Foundation was proudly recognized as an accredited charity by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Fiscal-and-governance transparency in support of the Mission Statement (see above) continue as this organization had under the BBB. The Donate page of this site lists (scroll down) the latest federal and New York State Charities Bureau filings.