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Mental-health Court Opens in New York City

From New York Able Newspaper May 2011: Manhattan’s first Mental Health Court, which recently opened at 100 Centre Street, is dedicated to keeping defendants with mental illness from engaging in further criminal behavior. This special court will handle nonviolent cases of defendants with serious and continuing mental illness. It is part of the New York […]

Second Stefan de Schill Award to Suicide Prevention Initiatives

On a clear, virtually cloudless May 7, 2011, morning, AMHF granted the second Stefan de Schill Award to a most worthy nonprofit, Suicide Prevention Initiatives (formerly Suicide Prevention International) as prelude to the “Walk For Life” in Riverside Park, New York City. What appeared to be at least one-hundred walkers were on hand. In all, […]

Limited Seating Available for AMHF Workshop on the Psychological Stress of Small Family Business

A reminder, time is running out for every small-family business owner and partner in the New York State Hudson Valley to sign up for the AMHF all-day workshop Small Family Business: Big Family Stress, beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 30 (with introduction on Friday, April 29, at 6 p.m.). The speakers and subjects […]

AMHF Sponsors and Honors Suicide Prevention International at a Long Island City Buffet as Prelude to the Walk For Life

Last night’s buffet supper, funded by The American Mental Health Foundation to honor, and in support of, the mission of Suicide Prevention International, was a rousing success. Look for our forthcoming video! And please sign up for the SPI Walk For Life, to be held on Saturday, May 7, 2011, in New York’s Riverside Park. […]

Catherine Zeta-Jones: One of Six Million Americans Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta Jones, glamorous wife of actor Michael Douglas, suffers the painful effects of bipolar disorder. As this ABC News article and video explain, bipolar disorder, a cause also closely associated with actress and well-known advocate Glenn Close (whose sister, Jesse, is diagnosed with bipolar disorder), can be brought on during any stage of life, […]

AMHF Workshop on Family and Business

FORTHCOMING WORKSHOP Saturday, April 30, 2011, with Marist College in Conjunction with the Hudson Valley Family Business Institute, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., AMHF is holding a free one-day workshop, Small Family Business, Big Family Stress, at the Dutchess Golf and Country Club, 2628 South Road, Poughkeepsie. The event will include a hot breakfast […]

AMHF 2011 Stefan de Schill Award

THE STEFAN DE SCHILL AWARD The Second Stefan de Schill Award has been announced. AMHF is honoring Suicide Prevention International. The award and a check to SPI for $5,000 will be presented at the SPI Walk For Life on Saturday, May 7, 2011, rain or shine, to Herbert Hendin, MD, CEO and Medical Director of […]

Small Family Business, Big Family Stress: Come One! Come All!

There is still room for everyone interested in our first great workshop, offered on April 29 and 30! For a reservation, in addition to the contact listed on our Homepage, as well as our blog of March 30, call 212-737-9027. Groups are also welcome! (Please let us know in advance.) We look forward to seeing […]

Small Family Business, Big Family Stress

AMHF, Marist College, and the Hudson Valley Family Business Institute present a workshop on the stresses of small family businesses.

Stefan de Schill Award 2011

AMHF is proud to present this year’s Stefan deSchill Award to Suicide Prevention International. To read about the November 2009 award recipient, click here.

Trichotillomania and the DSM IV

Hair-plucking, as reported by Laurel Braitman in Cabinet, via the March 14, 2011, New Yorker, is listed under “Impulse-Control Disorders Not Otherwise Classified” in the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV. “She has observed enough ‘photos of mice and rats with little bald spots on their heads, reverse mohawks, or […]

It’s the Money, Stupid

This New York Times article on the state of talk-therapy in our time says it all. It is highly recommended to our readers. The article exposes many of the weaknesses in the field against which Dr. de Schill tirelessly campaigned. Welcome to the Brave New World of pills and revolving-door therapy. Money is in, and […]

OCD Letter from Able

An anonymous letter to the editor appears in the current (February 2011) issue of N.Y. Able Newspaper, “The Newspaper Positively For, By & About The Disabled,” which cuts to the heart of AMHF and its work. “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects six million Americans, two percent of the population. Sadly, OCD is very common and […]

Follow-up Study by AMHF January 1949 to December 1959

Under the direction of Dr. Stefan de Schill, covering the period January 1, 1949, to December 31, 1959, a research study was conducted regarding some 18,000 patients. This was a follow-up study of individuals not accepted for treatment by the Psychoanalytic Center, Inc., the then-clinical arm of AMHF. The subjects either appeared personally, or applied […]

AMHF on amazon

amazon books 5-star review of Erich Fromm. All American Mental Health Foundation titles are available on Kindle as well.

Five-star Review of Erich Fromm in Midwest Book Review

“Four posthumously published titles by psychologist and social theorist Erich Fromm (1900-1980) offer Fromm’s psychology grounded in humanism. “Beyond Freud” (9781590561850, $25.00) is now published for the first time; it’s subdivided into “Man’s Impulse Structure and Its Relation to Culture” plus three lectures: “Psychic Needs and Society,” “Dealing with the Unconsciousness,” and “The Relevance of […]

Schizophrenia in Its Many Forms

New York Times


The New Yorker has run a fascinating article by Evan Osnos. Osnos covers China for the magazine, writing on other subjects like His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The article under review is about the Chinese meeting Sigmund Freud. As Dr. Stefan de Schill correctly predicted, there has been a resurrection of psychoanalysis. But it is […]

The Psychology of Dostoyevsky’s Karamazov Brothers

Although this blog is not a forum for literary critiques and commentary, my recent four-month wrestling match with The Karamazov Brothers (the translator of the edition I found in my branch of the New York Public Library maintains it is as ridiculous to call the book “The Brothers Karamazov” as it is to refer to […]

Happy Holidays

Like our colleague and board member Dr. William Van Ornum, I wish all our donors, book-purchasers, and good readers of this blog a Healthy, Happy, and Peaceful New Year. We will endeavor to be at the forefront of mental-health issues in 2011 as we have striven in 2010 and all past years. Please look for […]

New Erich Fromm Review from Book News, Inc.

The pathology of normalcy. Fromm, Erich. American Mental Health Foundation Books, 2010 152 p. $25.00 978-1-59056-184-3 At the beginning of the 1950s, German-born US psychologist and social theorist Fromm (1900-80) began investigating whether people were psychically healthy in industrial society, and developed a new social psychology approach that allowed the psychoanalysis of the normal, socially […]

Happy Birthday Thea Lucas

Happy Birthday today to long-time AMHF board member and Secretary, Mrs. Thea Lucas! We hope you have a perfect day and many more. Trained and certified as an attorney in Europe, in an era when few young women were, Mrs. Lucas has served AMHF tirelessly for many years. Her philosophical, keen, and common-sense assessments of […]

Farewell David Castronovo

AMHF mourns the death of David Castronovo. A steadfast supporter of AMHF, Dr. Castronovo was the author or editor of eleven books of literary criticism on subjects ranging from Edmund Wilson and Thornton Wilder to popular classics of the 1950s to “The American Gentleman” to “Blokes: The Bad Boys of British Literature.” Dr. Castronovo was […]

Shrinking State Budgets and Mental-health Facilities

Below is from the New York Times of November 10, 2010: “The agencies that run prisons and mental health facilities also employ the largest number of state workers of any departments of government under direct control of the governor, part of a work force that Mr. Cuomo may be forced to trim, or demand significant […]

“In Treatment”

I wonder what readers of our blog make of In Treatment, a drama on HBO.

Review of “The Violent Person” by Dr. Raymond B. Flannery Jr. in New England Psychologist

Congratulations to American Mental Health Books author Dr. Raymond B. Flannery Jr., for the stellar notice of his book The Violent Person in New England Psychologist. This review, by Dr. James K. Luiselli, in the November 2010 issue (volume 18, number 9), is reproduced in full on our Web site.

Happy Birthday Mr. William Van Ornum

On this final day of the 86th year of The American Mental Health Foundation, October 31, 2010, the Board of Directors also wishes a Happy twenty-sixth birthday to Mr. William Van Ornum. William has been an inspiration and a tremendous help to AMHF as one of our guiding spirits over the past three years. Happy […]

The Blight of Bullying and Homophobia

This video makes my skin crawl. It shows one of the most pernicious forms of bullying. (The video almost makes me want to stop rooting for the Yankees, which I have been doing for more years than I can count. Fortunately, they have no part in this horror.) Homophobia and Sports Fans on YouTube

What Is Consciousness and Can It Ever Be Measured?

The New York Times weighs in on “the quantifying of consciousness” along with the possible benefits of successfully doing so: for example, to facilitate certain surgical procedures, making them less invasive, or to understand the nature of a class of brain malfunctions like seizures. It seems improbable that consciousness could be “digitized.” The very phenomenon […]

Mental Health on Broadway

Next to Normal is the bravest and one of the most talked-about Broadway musicals in years. It is recently the subject of an American Theatre Wing “Working in the Theatre” seminar. We highly recommend this landmark musical as a way, along with the efforts of AMHF, to raise public awareness about bipolar disorder and other […]

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